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Stainless steel pipe various fields

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 Stainless steel tube in various fields 

    1.1960 years - about 40 years in 1999, the stainless steel pipe production in Western countries has soared from 2.15 million tons to 17.28 million tons, an increase of about 8 times the average annual growth rate of about 5.5%. Stainless steel pipe steel pipe is mainly used for kitchen, household appliances, transportation, construction, civil engineering field. Kitchen utensils, wash tank, and electrical, gas water heaters, home appliances automatic washing machine drum. From the environmental point of view of energy conservation and recycling, stainless steel pipe demand is expected to further expand. In the transport sector, the main railway vehicles and automotive exhaust system, stainless steel pipe for the exhaust system is about 20-30kg per vehicle in the world's annual
demand of about 1 million tons, which is the application of stainless steel pipe areas. In the construction sector, the recent sharp increase in demand for, such as: Singapore subway station guards, about 5000 tons of stainless steel pipe outside the decorative timber. Another example is Japan after 1980, the stainless steel used for the construction industry grew by about 4 times, and is mainly used for the roof of the building inside and outside decoration and structure of materials. The 1980s in Japan coastal areas use Type 304 without paint material as the roofing material from the anti-rust consider gradually changing for the use of painted stainless steel. In the 1990s, developed with more than 20 percent of the high corrosion resistance of high Cr ferritic stainless steel, is used as roofing materials, and aesthetics developed a variety of surface finishing techniques. In the civil field, the dam water absorption tower using stainless steel. Cold regions of Europe and the United States, in order to prevent the freezing of highways and bridges need salt, which accelerated the corrosion of steel bars, so the use of stainless steel pipe reinforcement. The road in North America in the past three years, about 40 using a stainless steel reinforced, each at the use of 200-1000 tons of stainless steel pipe market in this area in the future will make a difference. 
    Two. The key to the future expansion of stainless steel pipe application is the popularity of environmentally friendly, long life and IT. 
    Environmental protection, the first point of view of environmental protection from the atmosphere, is used to suppress the dioxin occurred in high-temperature waste incineration unit, LNG power generation equipment and the efficient use of coal power generation device of the heat-resistant, high temperature corrosion of stainless steel pipe demand will expand. There are estimated battery shell in the early 21st century will be put into practical application of fuel cell vehicles will also use stainless steel. From the environmental point of view of water quality, water supply, wastewater treatment plant, has excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel pipe will expand demand. Long life in Europe, the existing bridges, highways, tunnels and other facilities, the application of stainless steel pipe is increasing, this trend is expected over the world. There are general residential construction in particular, short life of 20-30 years, scrap wood processing to become a big problem. Recently began a life expectancy of 100 years of building, so that the excellent durability of the material needs will grow. From the Earth's environmental protection point of view, long-life to reduce civil engineering, construction waste materials at the same time, it is necessary to explore ways to reduce maintenance costs from the design phase of the introduction of new concepts. On the popularity of IT, IT development and popularization of functional materials in the device hardware play a significant role, requires very high precision, high-functional materials. Such as: mobile phones and computer components, the flexible application of the characteristics of high strength, flexibility and non-magnetic stainless steel tube, making the application of stainless steel expanded. There are, in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and a variety of substrates, with good cleanliness and durability of stainless steel pipe steel played an important role. Stainless steel with a variety of other metals excellent performance, with excellent durability and recyclability of materials, corresponding to the changing times in the future, stainless steel pipe will be widely used in various fields.

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