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Petroleum casing steel pipe with external anti-corrosion tec

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Petroleum steel pipe with external anti-corrosion technology research and analysis of the varnish
 Methyl methacrylate, methacrylic acid as raw material with an alkyd resin the oil pipe outer anticorrosion varnish was prepared, discusses the ratio of the monomer copolymerizable, the selection of the vegetable oil, driers selection aid selection of preservative influence of varnishes performance. The varnish obtained good overall performance, impact resistance, and to play an effective protection in the process of transportation, storage wells before oil pipe anti-corrosion effect.
Anticorrosive varnish 1 Introduction of oilfield pipe in recent years more and more, such as oil pipe, casing, drill pipe, with a wall coating anti-corrosion technology, the technology of the production process are mainly thermal cleaning, surface treatment, spray three parts . Outer anticorrosion varnish Xi'an Changqing Petroleum Steel Pipe Tibetan special coating company CQFF03 tube within the coating surface treatment and spraying processing after thermal cleaning oven, 400 ° C high temperature processing tubing in thermal cleaning process by, original protective layer of oil pipe outer wall destroyed, so when the outer wall of the inner coating finished brushing the outer anticorrosion varnish, so go down before the transport, storage process play a protective anti-corrosion effect.
How to choose a reasonable corrosion performance and low-cost external anti-corrosion varnish generated profits of enterprises of great significance. Can be dried in air, smooth hard film having a certain degree of weathering resistance and low cost of the alkyd resin based on the main chain and ester chain containing a reactive group such as a hydroxyl group, a carboxyl group, a benzene ring, an ester group and the double bond, Although alkyd resin itself, the coating is dried and the slow, low hardness, water resistance, and poor corrosion resistance drawback, but can be improved by use of the characteristics of these reactive groups to obtain oil Pipe such as good impact resistance, good flexibility , adhesion, and other advantages.......

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