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DIN1629 Seamless steel Pipe,

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 DIN1629 Steel Seamless Pipe are made of metal in-house produced and smelted in the electrical heater, treated with synthetic slags and cast by continuous casters.The used steel making procedure makes sure the achievement of chemically pure steel with reference to sulphur and phosphor contents supplying high tensile, ductility and rust resistance properties of pipelines to be operated at low temperature levels in various deterioration media.

Rolling utilizing a press piercing mill and continuous mill geared up with a fixed mandrel permits rigorous measurement tolerances to be gotten and makes sure an absence of pipe body and surface flaws.

In order to attain high tensile and ductility steel in addition to its necessary structure, supplying a high deterioration resistance in numerous rust media, pipes are heat dealt with in a digital walking beam heating system.70% of oil line pipes go through heat treatment.

Steel Seamless Pipe are checked for internal and external flows by automated non-distructive testing of ultrasonic and electro-magnetic inspection.Pipe ends assessment after beveling is done by magnetic-fluoroscopic flaw detection.

Sizes (O.D. x W.T):from 13.7mm — 965mm x 1.5mm to 50mm
Steel Grade:St37,St44,St45,St52


Steel Grade Type of deoxidization
(R, killed (including semi-killed)) (RR,fully killed)
Chemical Composition, % by mass
Symbol Material Number C P S N¹) Addition of nitrogen fixing elements
(e.g.not less than 0,020% Al total
St37.0 1.0254 R 0.17 0.040 0.040 0.009²) -
St44.0 1.0255 R 0.21 0.040 0.040 0.009²) -
St52.0³) 1.0421 RR 0.22 0.040 0.035 - Yes









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